Choosing the right social media for your SMB (small and medium business)

Choosing the right social media for your SMB (small and medium business)

Social media is the new power tool for SMB (small and medium businesses). If used properly, it can change any SMB into a big and booming business overnight. It is a way for SMBs reach out to people from all over the world. It can be a way for any SMB to make a name and space for themselves. Before an SMB chooses a social media to focus on, it is important to understand why a choice must be made, and the benefits offered by social media to SMBs in general:

  1. Outreach: Social media is a great and revolutionary way for SMBs to reach out to potential customers. Since Social Media is used by people across geographical borders, communities, classes and interest groups, SMBs can come in direct contact with all kinds of people. They can develop a customer base by getting in touch with people who came to know of them through social media. It has been observed that more and more SMBs are using social media to promote their product and directly interacting with customers.
  2. It is virtually free: The most prominent names in the world of Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, are virtually free. You do not need money to create accounts there. You can create your page their and then pay for more services. The initial process is completely free. At a go you get to reach out to so many people without spending huge amounts of money on advertising.
  3. It lets you get feedback directly: Since on social media customers get to interact directly with the SMBs, you receive direct feedback from your customers in real time. Many SMBs use feedback received from customers on Social Media as a way to evaluate the nature and quality of their goods and services. Customers often give detailed suggestions and feedback through social media. Even complaints and praises are doled out to SMBs by customers. This feedback can help SMBs understand what customers really want. By using SMBs intelligently, they can even predict the needs and tendencies of customers, and then utilise that knowledge to improve their business.

Before choosing a social media for your SMB, keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Who uses this social media the most? The social media you select should ideally be used widely by your target group of customers. This will help you reach out to them specifically by focusing on their needs.
  2. Is the interface of the social media compatible with my business: If you have a business that relies on your products being seen by customers, then choose a social media which allows you to showcase a lot of photographs and graphics. A more text based social media might not be the best choice for you.
  3. Will you be able to update regularly? If you choose a social medium whose format encourages you to update daily, like Facebook or Twitter, make sure you have enough content and time in order for you to do that. Otherwise, you may open a blog, which is a type of social media that you can update at regular intervals.

Play to your strengths and no one can stop you!


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Choosing the right social media for your SMB (small and medium business)
How to choose the right Social Media for your SMB (Small and Medium business).

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