Using a Softphone on a Personal Basis

Using a Softphone on a Personal Basis

Different people use different gadgets for different purposes. Unlike before, it is much easier today to communicate with other people in different parts if the world and become updated when it comes to the latest happenings in the society where we belong. One of the most popular and most used gadgets today is the softphone. This is a device that comes with pads for dialing that is similar to cell phones and the only difference is that the users need to key in numbers on the dial pad if they want to make a call. There are softphone applications that are available today suited for mobile devices like tablets or smartphones.

For you to be guided accordingly; here are a few pros and cons of softphones that you should know in order to help you take a proper decision if you want to have one.


  1. Low cost and easy to install. This is mainly the reason why this device is more popular today knowing that this has low cost compared to other types of phones. There is no tangible equipment making it easy to install and users could make calls from anywhere as long as they have an access to the Internet.
  2. The features sets are broader compared to other phones such as the actual telephone set.
  3. Excellent portability and mobility. The softphone can be installed on laptops and at the same time retaining user’s preferences and settings.
  4. Allow the users to work from their own home without needing to install physical telephone on the premises.
  5. Ease of entering the alphanumeric characters using the keyboard and the number pad.

Just like any kind of phone, softphone also has its cons and some of them are as follow:


  1. Echo cancellation can occur based on the media processor used.
  2. Dialing some of the emergency numbers might require the user to log in and would have to do some several clicks of the mouse and keystrokes making it time consuming.
  3. The quality of this kind of phone could vary depending on some factors.
  4. Considering that this runs on the smartphone and computer, you might be into trouble if the battery goes low or lose the access to the internet.
  5. If you are using a downloaded softphone on your own computer, there is a need to use a headset if you want to listen and respond to every call.

Those are some of the pros and cons of softphones that the users should be aware of. Considering that we are now living in a modern world, you can always expect inventions and innovations of different gadgets suited for both personal and professional uses. This would make your life more convenient giving you the chance to experience what the real essence of life is. Every kind of device has its positive and negative side that is why it is necessary to choose the one that really work best for your needs and most of all makes your work easier and faster.

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Using a Softphone on a Personal Basis
One of the most popular and most used gadgets today is the softphone. For you to be guided accordingly; here are a few pros and cons.

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