Softphone initiation

Softphone initiation

More and more organizations nowadays are gradually adopting the softphone. You might have heard of the term at some occasion but what is it exactly?

It is a software that installs on a piece of equipment such as a workstation, portable computer, tablet or even a cellphone and allows the user to place and receive calls without requiring an actual telephone set. By means of the computer display and mouse, keyboard and other input/output devices, a user can access all digital telephone functions. The equipment’s sound capabilities (computer or other) also provides the audio feed for the softphone. Usually, a graphical representation of a telephone is also provided on the equipment’s display. A significant advantage of this software is the utilization of the digital telephone functions from a remote location using the Internet or other communication mediums.

The user simply has to wear a good quality headset connected to his system and calls can be received or placed no matter the location in the world. The softphone utilizes the Internet to communicate, thus reducing significantly the telecommunication costs for long distance calls. This type of installation works quite well for travellers or teleworkers as it eliminates the need for the installation of a physical telephone on the premises.

Long distance calls represent often a part of the expensive costs that a business will incur. Cellphone usage is also quite expensive compared to calling with a SIP-enabled telephone or softphone. In this case, a softphone can be installed on the cellphone in order to further reduce costs by utilizing a data connexion (wi-fi or other) instead of ‘minutes’ allocated by the cell phone service provider. the softphone installed on a cellphone is also often refferred as a mobile dialer. The softphone has a user friendly interface, permits teleconference, voicemail access, and many more exciting features.

In organizations where CSR’s or Customer Service Representatives use this method, the softphone provides an intuitive graphical interface that gives them complete control of the telephone functions with the click of the mouse. Softphone users can log in from home or overseas as long as they possess a broadband connection and replicate the telephony environment of the office. Video conference can also be offerred via most common softphones offerred on the marketif there is the need to establish a teleconference with colleagues.

In the near future, we will possibly see the softphone being used more and more on a personal basis and people will be reachable via their residential telephone number no matter where they are located in the world.

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Softphone initiation
What is a softphone, what are it's usages and advantages.

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